Who we are


To transmit all over the world ELIS training experience in preparing both young and adults for the labour market.



To be recognized by developing countries as a training institution that realizes efficient projects for the improvement of the working conditions of young and adults, men and women, in collaboration with local partners in order to guarantee the continuity of the training initiatives.



Associazione Centro ELIS (www.elis.org) is a non-profit organization founded in Rome in 1962 with the purpose to “promote, supervise and advance educational and recreational initiatives concurring to the cultural advancement, the vocational training of young people, the professional updating, qualification and re-qualification of workers, as well as the improvement of their professional, spiritual and social education.”


Associazione Centro ELIS operates with the belief that education and training are the fundamental and privileged tools to promote the individual, and represent the basic and permanent values necessary to achieve other social and economic values: labour, development, and solidarity. In accord with its own mission, ELIS has been promoting for more than 40 years activities of vocational training and social solidarity through an “integrated” approach comprising Schools, Universities and Enterprises, in order to guarantee the constant adaptation of the training programmes to the evolution and needs of the labour market.


On the basis of the aforementioned principles, Associazione Centro ELIS, as a Non Governmental Organization recognized by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has been active for more than 20 years in the field of international cooperation, gaining both national and international recognition. Our social and training activities and our action for the safeguard of the environment in favour of developing countries involved countries from Africa, South America and Asia, where have been realized and/or are in development numerous initiatives.


In 1992 ELIS established CONSEL – Consorzio ELIS for Professional Education (http://consel.elis.org), a non-profit consortium company. CONSEL shears with Centro ELIS the mission for the full education – both professional and behavioural – of young people, helping the transition to the job-market through educational initiatives, which reflect the social responsibility of the whole business community of the associates. Consorzio ELIS was born to formalize the relationship between all of ELIS activities and a group of highly qualified enterprises, which are the privileged fruiters of the proposed educational initiatives. CONSEL realizes on behalf of the associates projects of primary and continuing education covering the entire employee working-life cycle within the company.


Profit oriented enterprises, by adhering to Consortium ELIS, a non-profit organization, act in a socially responsible way. Currently, CONSEL encompasses over 50 big enterprises.

With its extensive and tested experience in activities with a high social content together with its direct and close working relationships with enterprises members of CONSEL – ELIS Consortium, the NGO ELIS is the ideal partner in projects aiming at maximizing a company’s economic performance, including the entry in new emerging markets, together with achieving  long lasting and measurable benefits for the less affluent populations in the nations where the projects are carried out.


A partnership with ELIS offers:

  • Deep understanding of specific needs of populations in areas such as Latin America, Asia and Africa matched with the ability to identify investment opportunities.
  • Clearly identified stakeholders and networking with local institutions and key players, both public and private
  • Expertise in defining and coordinating complex international projects
  • Support services in the internationalization of an activity, that is, re qualifying and staff training
  • Visibility and acceptance of a new enterprise entering a specific territory
  • Identifying and managing projects financed by the European Union



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